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Borjomi National Park

Borjomi–Kharagauli National Park is one of the largest national parks in Europe.

It's under 10 mins drive from our Hotel (5km).

Romanov Palace

Built in 1892-95 by the famous architect Leonti Nikolajewitsch Benois on the banks of river Mtkvari.

The magnificent palace is 5 mins drive (20 min walk) from our Hotel (1.6 km).

Borjomi Local Lore Museum

Soak in rich culture and history of Georgia at the local museum.

Its under 10 mins drive (15 mins walk) from our hotel (4 km).

Likani Monastery Complex

This ancient complex is in the Khobistskali river valley where the ruins of St. Mary's Church are preserved.

The complex is under 15 mins walk from our Hotel (1.5 km).


With Borjomi National Park around the corner and Monastery complex under 15 mins walk - there is ample area for trekking around our Hotel.

All you need is good shoes!!!

Monument to Prometheus

The Legendary statue of Prometheus located in Borjomi Park next to two beautiful waterfalls. A truly relaxing site.

The sight is just 10 mins drive from our Hotel.

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